Come One, Come All

Friday, June 8, 2012

Edge of Nothing

Adela decided to wander off the cliff that stood proudly over the thundering, violent sea.

The inhabitants of the small little sea-side village, Portston, were fond of visiting the cliff and gazing into the distance. During the day, children would stare, creating nautical stories of whales, pirates, sailors, captured princesses, and sea monsters. They laughed at their ridiculous tales. Lovers would daringly dangle their legs over the edge, embracing each others bodies, fantasizing and concocting schemes to run away and get married, have children, and live away from other people, having only each other to keep warm during the chilly nights, their bodies shielding the salty wind. The ocean was hope to the inhabitants.

The ocean was two-faced.

The sun, growing tired of its daily arc across the sapphire sky, would sink, approaching the surface of the water that would soon extinguish its flames. Darkness gave way and spread throughout the air. Like moths to a light, men and women, boys and girls would all soon flutter back to their dimly lit homes, blow the candles out, and close their eyes to become one with the darkness.

The edge of the enigma, once illuminated by the blazing light of the sun, was shrouded by a void. The sky and sea fused together, forming nothing.

Adela stepped off the edge and fell into the enigma.

Questions were asked after the discovery of her seemingly foolish and suicidal actions. Why? Why would she do something as stupid as this? What was she expecting?

The truth is she wasn't expecting anything. What would one expect from nothing?

As the sun set, as the men and women, boys and girls fluttered to their dimly lit homes, as the flames and smoke rising from waxy towers were extinguished, as eyelids protected pupils from the dark, Adela rose, walked towards the edge and took a fleeting step into the enigmatic abyss where she expected nothing.

Well, doesn't that seem silly?

Adela continued to fall. However, after several minutes of falling, she soon found herself slowing down. Pinpoints of light peppered the darkness, and Adela soon discovered that she was suspended in the dark. She swam through the ether that surrounded her. A burning sensation filled her and soon she grew uninterested and bored in exploring nothing. She remained motionless and felt the light within her warm her. She let the cool night time enter her and mix with the fire within her in a cosmic, swirling dance. She radiated.

The following evening, as the sun was nearing horizon, the village gathered by the cliff, looking as far as possible, scanning the sea for any signs of a stupid girl. As the night approached the giant orb of light eventually sank into the sea. It was then the inhabitants noticed a new pinpoint of light, shining brilliantly throughout the salty, cold, night-time air. It radiated.